Morten Olsen

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen

Working Papers

"Adverse Selection as a Policy Instrument": Unraveling Climate Change, joint with S. Cicala and David Hémous, 2019

"Automating Labor: Evidence from Firm-level Patent Data", joint with Antoine Dechezlepretre, David Hémous and Carlo Zanella, 2019, classification 

"The Spill-over Effect of Income Inequality", joint with Jeffrey Hicks, Josh Gottlieb and David Hémous, 2019

"How Firms Overcome Weak International Contract Enforcement: Repeated Interaction, Collective Punishment, and Trade Finance", 2016, under review

"Why Trade as Aid", 2016

"The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Special Fabric Provisions", joint with Lawrence Edwards and Robert Lawrence, 2011

"Banks in International Trade: Incomplete International Contract Enforcement and Reputation", 2011

The International Distribution of Trade, joint with Pankaj Ghemawat (coming soon)


"The Rise of the Machines: Automation, Horizontal Innovation and Income Inequality", with David Hémous, 2020, Conditional accept: AEJ Macroeconomics

"Long-term Relationships: Static Gains and Dynamics Inefficiencies", 2018, vol: 16, issue: 2, with David Hémous, forthcoming Journal of European Economic Association

"Trade dynamics with sector-specific human capital", Journal of International Economics, 2015, vol:97, issue: 1, with Adam Guren and David Hémous

Other Essays

"Microfinanças 3.0: opotunidades" (Valor Econômico, 04/01/2016)

"O plano da Arábia Saudita para 2030" (Valor Econômico, 27/07/2016)

"Mobile Internet: The New Star of Africa?" (IESE Intenational Economic Review, December 2015)

"Ajuda internacional funciona de fato?" (Valor Econômico, 06/03/2015)

"A renda dos pais indica seu futuro?" (Valor Econômico, 01/01/2015)

"This is the Time for Giving" (IESE International Economic Review, January 2015)

"O homem obsoleto" (Exame, 31/07/2014)

"Case com alguém mais pore que você" (Valor Econômico, 25/03/2014)

"Misky's Big Bang Theory" (IESE International Economic Review, April 2014)

The Future of Spain (2014 and beyond), with Javier Díaz-Giménez (April 2014)

"Education and Growth" (IESE International Economic Review, January 2014)

"The Rise of the Machines" (IESE International Economic Review, October, 2013)

"What can we Learn from Thatcher?" (IESE International Economic Review, April 2013)

"Will Innovation Save the Planet" (Europen Business Review, 01/01/2013)

"The Mystery of the Fiscal Multiplier" (IESE International Economic Review, January 2013)

"Is This the End of Growth?" (Forbes, 21/12/2012)

"Austerity and Growth" (IESE International Economic Review, January 2012)

"Is This the End of Growth?" (IESE International Economic Review)

"The Chinese Economic Model" (IESE International Economic Review)